Are Rising Fuel Prices Killing You? Fuel Savers Needed….Please!

Are you, like me, sick to death of fuel prices constantly rising? Are you sick of searching for the cheapest fuel? Sick of the big oil companies holding us to ransom? Sick of the so-called “price cycles” which are no more than slick marketing strategies designed to make us pay more at the pump…and frustrated that legitimate fuel savers devices and strategies are being ignored, or worse still..buried and the “big boys”.

I’m really worried about how much the price of fuel will rise. I know that the world’s reliance on fossil fuels is ever increasing and I know that we are all at the mercy of the mega multi-billion dollar oil industry. I got so sick of the fuel companies and the increasing fuel prices that I went out and researched the oil industry – their practices,  their market manipulations, their slick strategies, and their production regimes I wanted to learn as much about them as I could because I wanted to beat them at their own game. I want to be in control of the cost of the fuel that I use, not these fat-cat fuel companies.

The fuel savers ideas that I came across have helped me and they will help you too

Let me have one last rant (actually I may rant just a little more later, but I’ll try and keep it a bit more brief!) Generally speaking, our cost of living is rising, right? Sure there are price fluctuations with various products and services, but invariably the price we pay for things such as groceries, clothing, gardening, carpet cleaning, household appliances, entertainment, etc. increase year-by-year, and sometimes even month-by-month. Now for most of the products and services that we need in our life, if you follow the chain back far enough, you will find that increased transportation costs underlie most of the price increases that eventually whack all of us. It is never-ending, although with a few choice fuel-saving ideas, we can dramatically cut our costs.

Now I’d like to say that there are many areas in my family’s life where we can save money, and we do what we can (turn off lights, turn off appliances at the power point, the old “pass-me-down” kids’ clothes routine, shorter showers, buying no-brand products, etc) but one of our biggest expenses is running our car (and my business work vehicles.) Sure we can buy a smaller car, but we have a growing family and we need the room for a larger car. We can use the car less but that doesn’t work when we need to ferry kids to school or sports, or when we need to get to work, or as in my case I need my vehicles for work.

Fuel Savers Tips

I have compiled a comprehensive fuel savers tips list, gathered from various sources such as various industry bodies, car manufacturers, and mechanical service providers. I thought it also a good idea to include several tips from average Joe, people like you and me, who have tried and tested their fuel-saving ideas. Ideas such as maintaining correct tire pressure, tuning your car, checking the brakes and wheel alignment, and using a synthetic lubricant rather than petroleum-based.

By ukpia