The only event with the main focus on automotive fuel cell systems

Die Konferenz thematisiert die neuesten technischen Konzepte in Bezug auf Brennstoffzellen für den Automobil-Bereich. Die Konferenz wird auf Englisch abgehalten.

The Automotive industry is searching for new concepts to fulfil the requirements of the transport sector for the future. One of the most promising approaches for future road transport is the fuel cell electric vehicle.

This technology has medium-and long-term potential to achieve a significant market share. After several decades of developing prototypes and test vehicles of fuel cell vehicles, the automotive manufacturers are now on the verge of commercialize this seminal technology. The fuel cell is the best way towards a clean and safe transport technology to build lower emission and emission-free vehicles. Fuel cell vehicles don’t have range limitations like plague battery electric vehicles, a much lighter fuel cell module is quite attractive and can be filled in 2 or 3 minutes at a filling station.

Due to the fact that high costs of fuel cell components are a big challenge for the promotion and market launch, the series production and automation for fuel cells and its components in the car becomes more important.

Automotive Fuel Cells

IQPC invites you to this International Conference “Automotive Fuel Cells” that will provide you with information and case-studies on the following subjects:

  • Gain insight into the most important advantages of automotive fuel cells and learn how to meet your end user demands and requirements and get public acceptance
  • Explore new and innovative concepts of fuel cell material to maximize power density, durability and reliability and generate cost reduction at the same time
  • Improve your knowledge about on-board hydrogen storage to evaluate pressure and temperature management
  • Discuss possibilities of chassis integration of fuel cell systems and find solutions to increase safety
  • Hear about different opportunities to promote marketing strategies of hybrid vehicles with fuel cell technology

By ukpia