Fuel Saving Tips

There are a variety of ways to save money on the cost of gas. In this article, we will explore various strategies and fuel-saving tips that will keep more gas in your tank and improve your car mileage. You may want to employ a variety of techniques or stick to the ones you like best. One of the easiest ways to lessen the cost of driving is to take whatever measures are available to you to reduce your fuel consumption. Fortunately for drivers who are tired of shelling out hundreds of dollars at the gas pump, many of these solutions are very inexpensive or even free! Here are some free ways to improve car mileage with fuel-saving tips to lessen the cost of driving.

Maximize Fuel Efficiency Tips

First of all, even in winter weather you don’t need to warm up your vehicle longer than 45 seconds. The best way to warm a car up is to drive it. Warming your car up for five to ten minutes before driving is a surefire way to waste valuable fuel. Idling and revving your engine unnecessarily are two more ways to reduce fuel savings, so avoid these behaviors if you can. When accelerating your car from a stopped position, go slow and steady. Your foot should be pressed down no further than one-fourth of the way, and flooring your accelerator reduces fuel savings. To make sure you are getting the best vehicle performance for maximum fuel savings and car mileage, make sure you stay up to date on maintenance. This includes simple things like keeping the proper amount of air pressure in your tires, as well as more expensive things, like getting regular tune-ups. You also need to pay attention to details by doing things like using the correct grade of motor oil.

Speed, Filters, Steady Driving

When driving some fuel-saving tips will help save gas and increase car mileage. First, try to keep your speed at 40 mph or less. If you have to go faster, do not exceed 55 mph because speeds higher than that eat away at your car mileage which means you’re using more gas. Use your air conditioner rather than open windows to cool your car, because open windows can reduce car mileage by approximately 10 percent by causing a phenomenon known as air drag. Try to keep your speed steady and avoid start and stop driving. An inexpensive but effective fuel-saving tip you can make for car mileage is to simply replace old, clogged air filters. Although it may not seem like a big deal to drive around with dirty air filters, filthy ones can rob you of 10% of your fuel economy! Again, for the price it costs to fix this simple problem, you really can’t beat the results you receive!

Also, try to reduce the amount of weight you carry in your car. It can be easy to be a bit lazy and leave items in your trunk for a long time, but even a hundred extra pounds can reduce your car mileage by a couple of percent compared to normal. Many people like to pack their cars with sandbags during the winter months for added traction. If you decide to do this, make sure to remove the extra weight when it is no longer needed! Check out the other pages on this site for additional gas and fuel-saving tips and how to improve your car mileage.

By ukpia